Wednesday, October 31, 2012 fabric shopping

So....I am supposed to be working. However, one of the downsides of working online at home is that the temptation to fabric shop is overwhelming! I am browsing Amazon for quilting books. Slipping over to online fabric stores to check out the latest fabrics...sigh.

And I found a stencil for free-motion quilting on Amazon.

I am going to venture into the world of free-motion quilting.

How do the mylar stencils work? Are they any good?

Up until now I have been happy with my walking foot and a straight I can do this!

Ok...back to work!

Monday, October 29, 2012

I did it!


 This pattern asked for SO much cutting. I fretted. I planned. I hemmed. And then, I just did it.
This is just HALF of what I needed to cut! I made some mistakes...but it was fine!
Nothing that I can't fix!
I am a little worried because of the number of triangles I am going to be working with. And there are some seriously strange directions. My little Pumpkin LOVES the pumpkin fabric.
And here is my beginning to the candy corn block! Loving the colors together!
I have ironed my different candy corn pieces in half, so that I have line them up. I have them ready to chain piece. (Sorry about my silly pajama pants in the picture.)
Now....back to the sewing! More pictures to come when I have completed a bit more!

Friday, October 26, 2012


So....I am staring at the fabric for the table runner.

Just staring. I read the directions to cut it...and I just stare some more.

I will overcome my fear of making a mistake. Why do I assume that I am going to cute it wrong? Who is going to care of I do cut it wrong?

Where does this fear come from?

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

In the my mind....

I am planning on making a Jacob's Ladder quilt. I was inspired by the following tutorial. I have 5 yards of dark purple solid and 5 yards of white fabric. I just need to figure out the sizes and how much to cut. Math....sigh.

Slowly getting back in the game....

Since I am pretty sure that my sister doesn't actually read my blog, I am going to talk about the gift I will be giving her. That is....if I get it done by then.

I am making her a table runner. It is one of those free patterns that came in one of my magazines. The table runner is for Halloween and Christmas. One side has cute candy corn. The other side has Christmas trees.

I decided that I was going yardage. I kept hearing Nonnie in my head telling me how much less expensive it is to use yardage. So....I am stepping away from my precuts and embracing cutting my own material. Nervous...but it is just fabric. I can always buy more if I need it.

I spent my Sunday night ironing all of my fabric. is ready for me to cut.  Okay....hoping for time to actually piece and put this together soon.

Podcast....I am researching a way to record the podcast on my iPhone that will actually work. I have actually recording 3 episodes that were eaten by my phone. Sigh. Once I get a good mic....I will get started recording again.

Friday, October 19, 2012

coming back.....I hope...

I really want to come back and start podcasting again. I just need more time. I haven't even had time to quilt at all in the last few weeks. I do have a project planned as a gift for my sister. I am hoping that will help me to jump back into quilting.

Have you ever just been involved in caring for others, that you don't have any time for yourself? I have found that it makes me a BEAR to live with...when I don't get any Me time. The hubbie is letting me know....I have to take time. It is now something he is going to require. Heheheh. I guess that means that I have been a bit too mean.

I am on my low carb diet again. It is helping me quite a bit. I have already lost 32 pounds and it has been one month. The fat just melts off when I am in the first stage of the diet. Honestly....I had a diet that involved cookies, cake, and chocolate - so the low carb, no sugar diet was VERY much needed.

I miss all my quilty friends. I hope that you are enjoying fall.

Fall in New Jersey is becoming quite fabulous. The trees are just starting to change color. Lovely.

Sending you happy thoughts!
I am HOPING that this is the me coming back!