Monday, August 12, 2013's a girl.

Baby Girl number 4! Vanilla and Pumpkin were overjoyed, but Banana burst into huge tears. She wanted a boy to play Spiderman with her.

A finish! The Zig Zag table runner

 I used this video to create a birthday present for a friend from church. The kiddos helped me pick out the fabric, and we went with cherries on the back to match the Giddy charm park that they selected.
The girls and I worked together to lay out the fabric according to the directions in the video. However, I have a small quilting table, so everything ended up stacked on top of each other.
It is all coming together! I am actually succeeding in keeping my points lined up! A miracle!
The final product. I flipped up the end, so you can see the background fabric that they selected. Learned the hard way that their measurements of 1/2 a yard are WAY off when using a full charm pack. I pieced the fill yard that I bought together until it was the right length.
I used a decorative stitch with leaves to match the leaves in the print. It made stitching in the ditch SOOOO much easier. And it looks adorable.

I used a black bobbin thread, and it came out adorable!

I finished the whole project...with the extra help adding only a little about 6 hours. Including the quilting. It was a big success at the birthday party. A victorious return to quilting!

Now...on to some UFO's