Sunday, August 30, 2015

More things that I am working on...

I have started working on a dot to dot quilt for my best friend.
This is an old tutorial that Missouri Star sent out into the world. I got the fabric right after I saw the 2010. Doh. FINALLY doing the quilt.

How to Make a Circle Quilt from MissouriQuiltCo on Vimeo.

Instead of a honey bun, I used a jelly roll.
On my way to trimming them down to 10 by 10. I had my daughter help, which lead to a few being a little short.

This is the plan. I have 4 circles cut...32 to go. Wondering if the 7 inch circle is a little too big.

I am also doing ANOTHER jelly roll race quilt, for a new baby in the family. I will upload pics soon. I also have this adorable panel with owls (pictures to come) that I will be putting together for ANOTHER baby in the family.

Honestly - I am doing a lot of piecing and loving it.

So - the goal is that I have everything cut on the weekend. Then, I can piece over the week while I work. I found that I can't cut while I am working. I need to have all the pieces ready to go, so that I can just piece. If I do, then I get SO much done! It is like making a meal for dinner and freezing it from the week. LOL. Gotta get everything planned, and then I can sew while I do my job.

Sewing is becoming my therapy. I LOVE getting things finished. It brings a huge feeling of job and accomplishment.

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

My mom's quilt

I had a great time making the top for my mom's quilt. It is the X's and O's quilt. It is not perfect, but it was very quick. I was using a pack of six charm packs. I had a TON of charms left when I made this, and I added a 20 squares to the pattern (5 blocks). So, I decided to use it as the border.

This set of charms had a lot of lights in it, so I used that for the centers.  What do you think?
The individual block

The finished top. Please note that there are two charms that match next to each other on the border. This was intentional. I appliqued hearts onto it, and I am going to have my bears write their names on the hearts. Sort of a signature filled with granddaughter love.

A finish!

The Ugly Quilt is done! Completely finished! 

I did free-motion quilting for the first time. No walking foot. No structure at all. I just made random shapes over and over again. It is NOT great, but it is was such fun! I didn't get a picture of the bound and finished quilt (sorry!) but I did get a picture of the finished quilting. My stitches are not consistent at all, but I really had a great time doing this!

A close-up of my very first attempt at quilting a block. Messy - but such fun!

My finished free-motion quilted quilt. All I have left to do here is the binding. 

Thursday, August 13, 2015

Another top in progress

Again...I am making one of these for my mom. Finally. I have had the fabric for her quilt picked out for years. Purchased and stored. Ready to use. It is FINALLY getting made.

The fabric is from when I used to be part of the charm pack club with FatQuarterShop. I would get six charm packs of the same line. I really liked that because I could make one or two quilts with the fabric that I bought. I was really sad when they moved over to six different charm packs.

I was going to do a tumbler quilt, but I just did a charm pack quilt and a jelly roll race quilt. I want something with more of a challenge.

Wednesday, August 12, 2015


Well - I got addicted to applique while working on my Jelly Roll Race quilt. It was so much fun, I decided to add more sailboats. I made as many sailboats as I had fabric for! What do you think? (Sorry the picture isn't great!)

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

So much quilting...

Hello again! life is crazy, which, of course, means that I am sewing a lot. I might be the only one, but when my life falls apart...I just want to piece quilt after quilt.

I decided that my list of UFO's didn't matter. I wanted to make something new and special.

So I did.

My good friend has two little boys and one of them is obsessed with cars. So I made him a quilt with cars and trucks. Then, I did a jelly roll quilt with sailboat fabric. I think the line is called "Daysail."

Quilt top came together very nicely. I was really happy with my points on this one!

Here is my jelly roll race quilt. I pulled out all of the flowers, because it is for a little boy. I like the strips. They give so much movement. But it is missing something....

I decided that it needs some applique. It is my first time putting applique on a quilt. 

I added two actual sailboats to the quilt. However...I wanted to add more. I am working on 4 more sailboard. :)

I LOVE APPLIQUE! I didn't realize how much fun it was. I will post pictures of my finished top.

Hope that you are having a great day!