Tuesday, February 28, 2012

My world....

My front porch in our snow storm. So lovely!
I haven't been able to sew. Between Working...caring for the three bears....making sure that the hubbie is happy with the state of the house ....working some more....and planning for our move....I haven't had time to sew.

For the first time...I have UFO's.

I have been LONGING to podcast. But I just don't have the time.

So....a bit of progress....

60 pinwheels are done!
1 row of my Owl quilt is together
2/3 of my Banana's snuggly quilt is done - a rag quilt using minkie charms and a random charm pack.

However....nothing else is getting done.

I need to find some time!! I miss my podcast...and my blog!

Hope everyone is doing wonderful sewing!


So I just read my podcast reviews in iTunes. Apparently, I used a word that offended someone. I used the word retarded. In the Listener comments.

Honestly, I am a product of where I grew up and the way that people talked. I know that it is not politically correct to use that term. However, I generally use it when referring to myself. And...I don't generally think of the word in the sense of handicapped individuals.

It is more an idiom of my childhood. So...I can see how that could upset individuals.

I definitely didn't mean to offend.

I apologize.