My finished projects...

My first quilt. I feel in love with this fabric. It looks like a first quilt. However, it graces my bed and I love it.

A quilt for my baby girl. However, I gave it to a work friend, and her new baby. She loved it. It is so soft!

This is my Chickadee Rag Quilt for my Pumpkin baby. She LOVES it and sleeps with it every night.

My first attempt at cutting. My Vanilla Baby loves this. She picked the colors and I really like the way that they blend together. pictures....
I did a rag quilt for my friend in Seattle. I used the Sunkissed charm packs (6 of them) and a lovely flannel backing. Lovely yellows and light greens. Hoping she sends me a picture.

I made a spur of the moment rag quilt (the size of one charm) for my Banana Baby. She treats it like her special sleeping blanket. Need to take a pic....but she uses it ALL the time.

More to come....soon I hope....

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