Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Working hard...

Hello!! I hope that you are having a wonderful day!

I am working hard on the bag that I talked about in my previous posting. I posted the YouTube video from Missouri Star Quilt Company, and I am following them to the best of my ability.

Step 1: I really am not a huge fan of these colors...but I have put them together. I have had this jelly roll for over 5 years. It is TIME to use this!

I am using all of the Reds from the City Weekend jellyroll. These are the strips all sewn together. 
 The Lining: Honestly, I didn't want to buy any more fabric for the lining for this bag. I am going to be using this bad to hold all of the snacks for the trip we are going to be taking. is going to get dirty. I decided that the lemons were perfect for the middle.
This is the only fabric that I LIKE for the lining that I already have. 

I am currently quilting this. Now, life keeps getting in the way of the quilting. I am doing straight lines down each strip. Four lines a strip.....48 lines total. I like it. It is fun, but man it is taking a long time. My 18 month old is trying to help, and that makes things a challenge. Let's just say that my lines are MOSTLY straight...we will call it Stra-vry. LOL. Slightly curvy. Mostly Straight.

I will be back with more pictures as I make more progress.

Thursday, June 18, 2015

My Birthday!

I treated myself to fabric at JoAnn's today in a blazing fast trip. I only needed 1.5 yards of of course I bought 6 yards! LOL.

I am going to be pausing my work on all quilts...(yes...the basted quilts have STAYED basted and not quilted.)

I gave away the table runner to our girl scout troop leader and doer of everything. Just in case you were wondering.

ANYWAY....I am going to be making bags for our car trip across the country. You see, long trips are only successful if my bears have LOTS and LOTS of snacks to nosh while we drive.

So I need HUGE bags to store all of the snacks that they will eat while we drive for 3 days straight.

Therefore - I am going to use this tutorial to make the BIG bags.

AND....My goodness....Craftsy is having an awesome sale! I couldn't resist buying lots and lots of thread and some fun fabrics. I hope that I can knock out some baby quilts soon.

Friday, June 12, 2015

Oh my....end of year teacher gifts!

I dropped Banana off at her last day of Transitional Kindergarten, and I had that moment - I don't have a teacher gift! What can I do!

Since I am down to my last $20 until pay day, I couldn't really do a gift card. I have started my low carb, no sugar diet, so I didn't want to bake anything. 

So - MSQC Zig-Zag table runner comes to mind!! I have all the fabric, and all it will take is time. 

I am working on it as fast as I can...while I am working and tending young people.

WOW. I am actually QUILTING something! 
I love the lemons and I somehow had 2 yards of it. I have no idea when I bought that! But they are so happy - I had to use them on this little table runner.

My banana graduated...and I didn't finish the gift. I will drop off the gift next week, when it is done. 
Heading in for the big event!

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Piecing brings me peace...

So, I am sewing while I work.

I am sewing while I watch TV.

I am sewing in every spare little moment.

Sewing the border on one side of Maddie's Pinwheels

I picked off the mistakes on this quilt, and turned all of those mistaken pieces into long strips.

Man - they are fraying like crazy. I am a giant fuzzy monster when I get up after working with all of these strings.

And now....while listening to podcasts.... I am stitching down everything that I can.

Of course, I am hiding from the TWO quilts that I have basted, and ready to quilt. I have a stack of fat quarters hiding them, so that they don't mock me from across the room.

But I am totally enjoying piecing. I can't really quilt and work at the same time. The quilts simply get in the way of my laptop.

Brown Bento and Hungry Caterpillar are strategically covered on the ironing board. Here is a peek at how the pinwheels are coming together...

Quilting...specifically...the piecing aspect of helping to calm my brain and give me focus. Now, my girls want to learn how to sew...and it should make for an interesting summer project to teach them how to do it.

Sidenote - Planning to make baby quilts for the three new babies that are coming from my cousins!
I was thinking of this is so cute!

Second Sidenote - Considering learning to paper piece and attempting the Harry Potter "Quilt of Doom" quilt, that I got for free on Craftsy! -

Okay...back to for 5 a

Take care!