Friday, November 25, 2011


Wow! It is done. Thank you all so much for all the advice and help that you have given me. I really appreciate it! sandwich and quilt this sucker!

It came together so quickly! And most of my points actually match!


Sunday, November 20, 2011

The new pattern we elected...

The hubbie reworked this for I was going to scream.
These are already sewn together into strips. The Hubbie and I worked to put this into a pattern. I was thinking the little shapes that formed would help give the eye a place to rest. I am not going to pull them all down and redo these. Lol! I have a Christmas deadline.

Need your help!

How do I fix this? I really don't like the two whit next to each other! Help!

Thursday, November 17, 2011

You asked for here they are!

Here are pictures of the quilt that I made.....please note that this is the second piece that I put together. I haven't worked on it for over a year because it just made me say....blah. None of my corners match...but....I don't think that my dad will care if it is perfect or not. He has the important ingredient...unconditional love.
Here is Unconditional Love quilt. See? Not a single straight line in the entire quilt

Here is a different look.

My binding (ick!)

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Just finished "Unconditional Love"

Thank goodness! Unconditional Love is finally finished!

I bound my quilt using my sewing machine. I have to admit - I loath binding quilts. It is the only part of quilting that I really am not a fan of. It just...bugs me that my bindings never look good. I know that I just need to practice.

So....the binding is done. Whew!

Oh.....and I am thinking a giveaway to come!

Have a great day!

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

New project for the Freezing Morning Car!

I am looking at making a quick quilt on the for the car. It has been in the 30's in this morning and the Car has been freezing. So I am looking to make a quilt and I figure that I can use my Clearance Fabric that I got a Joann's and I want to practice the block I want to use for my husband's quilt. Here is the clearance fabric:

I want to make a "Jelly Star Quilt" for my hubbie - so I am going to practice. Here is the YouTube Video for that from Missouri Star Quilt Company:


First, let me say I am SOOOO SORRY that I haven't written anything for such a long time.


Just a short personal has been crazy because all of my spare time has been spent researching the the 11 different places that are on our "Dream Sheet."

If you are in any way associated with someone in the military, then you know that the Dream Sheet is all about the places that you hope that they station you. You have to give a HUGE list of places for someone that you don't know to select from. The person who has no clue how important having a Movie Theater nearby is to your clue how much Costco matters to your daily life...well...this person gets to select where you live.

They select your job from a list of 21 different jobs, in 11 different locations (if you are us). So....I have spent HOURS and HOURS researching schools, and housing, and utility costs, and...the list goes on. So....absolutely no quilting has happened for months and months.

The second that the list was submitted, I started quilting again. I finally finished my second quilt. I made it for my dad.

 And well....I am calling it "Unconditional Love" because the amount of mistakes make it so that you have to have unconditional love for the quilt maker. Not a straight line to be found on the entire quilt. is almost done. I just need to bind it. Whew!

I will try to get a podcast out as soon as possible! Which, honestly, might not be that soon.

Thanks for sticking with me!
Here it is. The second quilt I ever started!

Unconditional Love