Thursday, July 25, 2013

My flux

This was an April Surprise for the hubbie and I - bringing baby number 4 into our lives. 

The latest ultrasound picture of my little baby bear. Kind of a creepy picture....but new ultrasound pictures to come. I am 18 weeks along. Baby bear is due on Christmas day! 

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Inspired by my Banana

I remember what it was create something that I want to create. That joy of seeing my ideas appear...

But somehow that got lost.

Am I the only one who is swamped with "requests" from people who learn that you quilt and therefore decide that you need to do something for them?

I currently have 4 projects for others that are pending. They have been pending for a VERY long time because I really can't get interested in making their quilts. I look at them and I kind of slump...walking away from my quilting all together. I feel I go read a book instead.

I feel guilty that I want to sew for ME....which then leads to me not sewing at all. To avoid the guilt.

I find myself watching my three year old paint with abandon....and I want to feel that again. Without guilt.

I want to regain my hobby of quilting...without the guilt or the feeling of selfishness.

Okay...sorry for the rant.