Tuesday, November 20, 2012

My first attempt at Free Motion Quilting

So....I made a little quilt sandwich, dropped the feed-dogs, and gave it a try. My machine did great work! However,  it appears that I can't seem to "meander" and just get loopy. 

So....I am using the walking foot on the table runner. LOL

Friday, November 16, 2012

Thinking about Easy Street....

So....I am thinking about doing the Easy Street Mystery Quilt from Bonnie Hunter. I went to my stash and found that I have a TON of blues and some purples. However, I need to go to the store and buy the rest of the fabric that is asked for in the directions. I think I need to go a little lighter with my blues, also. What do you think?

Working on the second side....

I have been working hard, but every once and while.....I turn on the sewing machine and sew a few pieces. Those stolen moments relieve a lot of stress. Check out the work that I have done on the second side of the table runner....

Here are two of the blocks. The white on white is used to sash all the way around the block.
I am a little nervous about making sure that my sashing lines up, because the pattern calls for "keystone" pieces. I just really hope that I can keep my points straight and clean.

Ok....back to work....

Tuesday, November 13, 2012


For me...life tends to come in fits and starts. I am not sure about you, but my ability to be creative and to do things for myself is limited by the needs of the various others in my life. I am the one who puts her needs last, so that I can care for the ones that I love.

And I am good with that...for the most part.

I went months without quilting because we were moving and the kids needed my help. And I was cool with that because there just weren't enough days in the week for me to quilt.

I gave up the podcast when I just couldn't find the time and I couldn't find a way to actually DO the recording. I recorded 4 episodes and couldn't get them off the recording device, so that I could upload them. *sigh*

But.....this weekend....the hubbie tells me that I need to go on a retreat. I need to go on a quilting adventure and get away from the kids.

And what is the first thing that I do? Give 30 different reasons why this is impossible. LOL. Instead of saying...I completely agree. Obviously, I have a problem. Hehehe.

Then, I get the email for the Lancaster Quilt Show. I get excited. I forward the email over to the hubbie. I say...I WANT TO GO HERE!

The phone rings.

"Hello Honey. You can't go to this. You have to be home to get the kids on the bus for school. You have to work. I don't want you to use vacation time! I want you to save it for later. I know I SAID that you should do a quilt retreat...but you just can't do this one. Maybe sometime in the future."

POP. There goes my happy joy joy bubble.

I want my creative side to have an outlet...and at this point, that means that I am home....listening to podcasts and daydreaming about being able to take a class at a quilt shop...while I teach myself to quilt. *sigh*

Thanks for listening to the rant!

Monday, November 12, 2012

Friday, November 9, 2012

Banana has Bronchitis

My little bear is sick.
Which means between her and work...I am stalled again.
I am READY to finish the first side of my two-sided table topper. Everything is pinned. I am looking at my sewing machine....but I have to finish my work....and it is hard to sew when you are holding a 3 year old.

I plan to be available for the Google hangout....but I might be just caring for the baby banana bear.

Onward and Upward!

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Getting it done...

My first attempt at using a pattern...
I started using the pattern and it felt strange. I have never followed directions before when quilting. It has always been a "free-flowing-I-have-no-idea-what-I-am-doing" process for me. Here are my candy corn triagles....from the back. They look pretty good. 
Here are my borders. I am almost ready to sew them on. Of course...I measured and it looks like I only have 6 and a quarter inch instead of 6 and a half inches...on ONE of the sides of the borders. So...I can't seem to make straight cuts.

So....my baby banana girl has Bronchitis. So, I was up until 3am with her. Gave me plenty of time to sew. I am hoping to have this finished soon, so that I can try free motion quilting.
I am going to practice first. But I will give this a try. I am giving it to a "muggle" as Frances says on her Podcast. She isn't going to know that I have no idea what I am doing! :)

Thank you for the ideas, Nonnie! I am thinking about what you recommended. It scares me....so I am thinking I might try the stencil. Or....not. I haven't actually bought it yet.