Thursday, August 18, 2011

Decluttering! My podcast is also finally out again...

Finally getting organized!

These fit so perfectly!

I really LOVE those organizers! Wonderful!

I am Inspired by Sandy at Quilting...for the Rest of Us. Her Decluttering podcast got me moving and I found a great place to store my fabric.

Please head over to my podcast, and have a listen! :)


  1. Your cabinet looks awesome! Don't you love being able to look in there and see everything? That reminds me I need to go do some straightening of my own stuff!

  2. Hi Kate! I am a new listener, and I am loving your podcast. I was so happy to see a new one when I logged on today! I only started quilting a couple years ago, so I'm kind of new to it as well. I love listening to your quilting journey - you have a lot of great stories about learning, achieving, and growing. Keep up the good work!

    I also enjoyed Sandy's podcast on decluttering, so that endeavor is on my to do list. I hope I'm able to create a nice, organized space like you have. Great job!

    -Kristen (I don't have a blog or a podcast yet. :( Maybe someday. )

  3. Katie, your organizing looks great. Recently I have been watching every YouTube video on organizing fabric I could find. I also loved Sandy's podcast on declutting. I am trying to declutter my entire house too.

  4. Thanks! You guys are so nice! I really appreciate your comments. I am SUPER happy with the way my cabinet! Check out my new pegboard. I am going to post pictures. :)