Sunday, September 18, 2011

My design wall

My "For Me" Quilt! Mt tube quilting experiment. 

A different angle!

A closer look
Here is what I put on my new design wall. is just a vinyl tablecloth. I have tacked it to the wall reversed. The polyester flannel stuff holds the fabric on perfectly.

It is also folds up very small and only cost $7 at Target.

So...what do you think? The hubbie says, "It is so-so."


  1. What is the hubbie referring to? Your design wall your quilt? I think the quilt is fab! and the design wall is wonderful for a budget!

  2. He was talking about the quilt. He thinks it needs more color....I only used five different fabrics for the while quilt.

    What kind of border should I do? I have triangles of this left over...but I don't think it is enough to go all the way around the quilt. Recommendations?

  3. Even the most open minded males do not like pinky colors.... I usually put in greens or reds or other colors not pink when I make a quilt that I share with my husband. The pinks are in the kids quilt.

    Borders .... Yardage of the BLUE would tone down the pink. Also small blocks floating on white might be cute. Depends on the proportion and size of the blocks and how big a border you want to add to get the quilt up to the desired size.

    As for sewing for yourself... CHARITY BEGINS AT HOME.... ALTERNATE your projects for you then one for someone else.


    BACK to cleaning the garage... bummer!

  4. I have an entire wall covered in those flannel backed tablecloths. I just used thumbtacks, and I got the tablecloths on clearance for a dollar each, lol. I actually prefer these to a "real" design wall, because they are very portable. I rearrange a lot.
    I love your quilt here. The blue owl print is adorable, too! I've made several quilts like this, sometimes with the strips matching up perfectly like you have here (great job!) and sometimes I do random widths.. makes for a fun & wonky look. Keep it up, you're doing great. I am so enjoying watching (and hearing about) your learning quilting journey.

  5. summer in the park turned out great! I love the colors!

  6. That's so pretty! I should try one of those! Now to find some time....

  7. This is beautiful Katie. I love the contrast of the white with the other colors. I agree with Nonnie, I think blue would be very pretty for the border.

    Shari K.

  8. Love the quilt!! & as a mom to 3 girls & the wife of an active duty military person, you deserve this awesome quilt for YOURSELF! Curl up with some tea & watch that TV!

  9. So I realized after the fact that my previous post wasn't very clear. Sorry! Anyways, I meant to say, you deserve this quilt! Make it up for yourself before you work on other people's quilts & then curl up in it, sip some tea & watch some TV!

  10. I really like this quilt and the movement in it. Great job. After you brought it up in your podcast about making quilts for yourself or for others, I've thought about it a lot. I realize I've been making more and more quilts for others. I need to get back to making quilts for me. I didn't realize I had gotten away from that until you raised the question. Thanks for bringing it up. I'm still pondering over the "why" aspect. LOL.

  11. Just got a "summer in the park" quilt finished for my mom for christmas. I love seeing others color/fabrics for this quilt. I think there are a lot of them out there from the great tutorial. I know I have seen a bunch! I really like yours and hope you go with something fun or the border. My border was a double border... Nothing too creative. Can't wait to see the finished quilt.

  12. Double Border sounds great. Still thinking about it. Have a Christmas present quilt to do before I can get to this one.