Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Pinwheel mania!

Started the Pinwheel mania. I sewed all the way around the two charm squares. Did this the Missouri Star Way.

They are very cute! Starting to really like these color selections! My niece did a great job!
Thirty pinwheels down! 118 left!
The Hubbie gave me the most adorable purse! My new obsession with Owls gave him the inspiration! Love it! I am such a blessed wife!


  1. OOOO love the purse. I didn't know you had an obsession with owls too!!!

  2. I love your bright pinwheels. It's good to see you posting again. Happy New Year!

  3. I recently was out in the Seattle area and went of a very helpful quilt shop. It is called the Quilting Loft and it is located in Ballard. I don't know how far it is from you. We were staying with family in Shoreline at the time and it only seemed to take a few minutes to get there. They have a great list of classes to offer and I think the shop my even be open on Sundays.