Monday, November 11, 2013

A Christmas Stocking for my Christmas Baby...

I have been focused intently on finishing my new little baby's stocking. I bought a kit at Joann's with a blue fairy on it and I have been stitching like crazy.
Getting started on this stocking. It has over 100 pieces and things to do.

Things are coming along! Poofy, handmade cupcakes. 

The top is done. Man...that is a LOT of sequins. Happy dancing cookies and candies.

Banana is holding up all the hard work that I have done. I think I can...I think I can...

My fairy is here! I made a face. I was really worried she would like goofy...but I like her happy smile.

A completed fairy! Just need to add her wand and the little dangling cupcake that has her name....

And here is the issue. I am stalled.

You see - all of my girls have 4 syllable princess names. They are lovely and strong and meet the yelling requirement when first, middle, and last name are linked together. 

I found one that I love - Amelia Rose. But the hubbie says that it isn't 4 syllables. He says that it is three. So...I have no name to add to my stocking. AHHH! LOL. I just really want to get this done. 


  1. Katie, I taught reading for many years. The name Amelia is really four syllables. A-mee-li-a. It gets slanted into a- meek-ya but if you,look it up in the dictionary...

  2. What a beautiful Christmas stocking.