Thursday, July 28, 2011 an odd way

Inspiration comes in the strangest places...
So I cleared my girls room...and put away all of their books.
Looking at the titles and the stacks...I found myself wanting to make a book quilt.

I am thinking...a quilt with a border all the way around that has strips that I can sew the titles of books on...and make a little bookshelf as the border around my quilt. Something cute should be in the center. I am thinking I should try some applique in the middle...maybe characters from my daughters book.

Hmmm....Just an idea....

By the Way....the kids book "Big Red Apple" is completed illustrated by applique - it is a quilt that goes through the story. It is beautiful! SO cool!!


  1. I love bookshelf quilts! I made a mini one as a sample for a paper pieced pattern I designed.

    I am enjoying listening to your podcast! I've been quilting for over ten years now, and hearing your enthusiasm reminds me of my journey when I was first learning to quilt. I can totally relate to being a mom of young ones, and getting over the bumps in the road along the way. Looking forward to hearing more about your quilting.


  2. Miss your podcast! Come back soon!

  3. I love your idea. So many memories come back when seeing the titles of books read when we were young. This will make a great quilt to have later in life to remind you of childhood delights.