Sunday, July 29, 2012

Finally....we moved...

So, the family and I have finally started to settle down.

In the last few months, we have moved from the Seattle area to southern New Jersey. This has been an amazing....scary....exciting...fabulous ride for the last few months.

In the last few months, I have:
1. Done all of the paperwork to buy a house....
2. Packed and unpacked my entire house
3. Bought a house 3000 miles away without seeing it...
4. Driven across the country in 9 days with three little kids
While working full time
AND....I finished a quilt 3 days before the move.


Now, I am just working full time....unpacking....and taking care of three little ones. LOL.
Oh....and getting everything ready for school.

OH....I desperately want to get back my podcast. Currently, researching a way to record that will work...


  1. Nice to see you back, Katie. And congratulations on surviving your move! We haven't moved in 20 years - and have collected so much stuff I'm scared to even think about it!

  2. Wow, you have - and continue to be - a busy bee! I'm looking forward to more podcast episodes - I've missed them!

  3. Welcome back! I wondered where you went.

  4. WELCOME back, I have been wondering what you have been up to.... very busy I see. Glad to see you and your family survived. Hope things settle down so you can get some quilting done. Love the blogging, but hope may someday you can occasionally podcast. Loved hearing of your adventures with the girls even when it is just once in a while.... the girls must be really getting big now.


  5. I hope your life slows down a bit now that you are settled into your new home. You are courageous! I admire your ambition and organization skills. You could teach a class on being an independent military spouse.

  6. Hi Katie,

    It's so great to hear from you again. I LOVE your podcasts! I also live in NJ in Ocean county. I hope you're finding a good local quilt shop! Best wishes!


  7. Yay, you're in Jersey! Or were as of 2012... :) I have friends in Monroe :)