Friday, October 19, 2012

coming back.....I hope...

I really want to come back and start podcasting again. I just need more time. I haven't even had time to quilt at all in the last few weeks. I do have a project planned as a gift for my sister. I am hoping that will help me to jump back into quilting.

Have you ever just been involved in caring for others, that you don't have any time for yourself? I have found that it makes me a BEAR to live with...when I don't get any Me time. The hubbie is letting me know....I have to take time. It is now something he is going to require. Heheheh. I guess that means that I have been a bit too mean.

I am on my low carb diet again. It is helping me quite a bit. I have already lost 32 pounds and it has been one month. The fat just melts off when I am in the first stage of the diet. Honestly....I had a diet that involved cookies, cake, and chocolate - so the low carb, no sugar diet was VERY much needed.

I miss all my quilty friends. I hope that you are enjoying fall.

Fall in New Jersey is becoming quite fabulous. The trees are just starting to change color. Lovely.

Sending you happy thoughts!
I am HOPING that this is the me coming back!


  1. Hi Katie - good to hear from you! I really enjoyed your podcast and hope that we will hear from you again soon!!

  2. We miss you too, Kate. I hope you're able to do some more podcasts soon, but get your ME time first - we don't want you grouchy!

  3. Two things...I'm so excited you are coming back AND I'm SO SORRY I never got to meet you when you lived right here under my nose in Seattle!

  4. WOW I am so happy to hear from you. Even if you can not get back to podcasting a occasional update on the blog is good too. I only have one kid to chase down and I only have to do it once in awhile and I know how interfering it is to being able to podcast. There is never the time or the QUIET available. WE WILL ALL LOVE HEARING ABOUT YOUR QUILTING AND NON QUILTING ADVENTURES.... remember thinking about quilting counts.

    Love hearing from you NONNIE

    PS meet us on twitter... we talk quilting there....amd most of us you know.. Sandy, Darla, Pam, Katie and her dogs, Frances, and me.

    others welcome too

  5. Good to hear from you. I will look forward to hearing from you when you get back to podcasting agian.

    You are doing so good in loosing the weight. Have you ever been over to Katie, from Katie's Quilting Corner talked about the website on a podcast a couple months ago. It has helped me track what I eat and also my exercise activity. There is also a quilters' group at the site headed by Katie.

    Take care of yourself, have a spa day and your followers will be waiting when you are ready to talk to us again.