Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Lots of projects in the works....

I am at that place where I am overwhelmed by my unfinished projects.

I know that this is a place that many quilters find themselves, but I have to say that I am frustrated with it. Here is what I have "in-progress" at the moment:

  1.  Pinwheel quilt for the Mad (my niece)- Issue - I cut the border fabric wrong and have to fix it. This has kept me away from it for a while because I am just not in the mood to feel lame for hours while I chain-piece 300 small strips back together. DOH! Oh...I could start from scratch and use the mistake for something else...
  2. Sister came to visit - I started a quilt when my sister came to visit, but now I have lost interest. I have no actual plan for the quilt. I am just sewing things together a bit randomly, but I like it so far. I just haven't gotten back to it.
  3. Giant Moose Stars - While visiting my parents a year ago, my daughters tore their comforter. My dad said I could just make them a quilt to replace it...and picked out some moose/leave fabric. I have been using the Missouri Star Quilt Company tutorial on the giant stars for that...and I am at step 2. It is currently staring at me and mocking.
  4. The 4 year caterpillar - I bought the fabric to make my baby niece a quilt....it is adorable. It is the "Very Hungry Caterpillar" in quilt form. I have pieced the entire quilt and I have the backing (with batting) pinned temporarily together. I simply need to bast it and quilt it. I even have the binding made. And....I got bored. My niece is going on 4 years old now. 
  5. Bento Box Car Quilt - I am halfway through piecing this quilt. It is super cheap fabric and was mostly a place to simply practice my skills. Doh.
  6. My Baby's Pink Elephant Quilt - My sweetie bear deserves a quilt. I bought the fabric for it when I was 8 months pregnant. She has just turned 15 months old and the fabric still hasn't been cut. 
  7. Random blues and yellows kit - I started a kit that I bought years ago. I got through the first step and then just...stopped. 
I don't know what to do...and so I do nothing. It is like I have too much to do and I simply can't decide. I need a plan. I need to get things in order and simply finish things. I always wanted quilting to be an organic process but I have let the UFO's get away from me and now I need to crack down.

Okay....rant over.
Sister Came to Visit Quilt
Stacked and ignored for now. 
The MOCKING Giant Moose
Stars quilt...staring at me. Do you see the mocking?


  1. I know the feeling! When I used to cross-stitch, I was quite strict with myself and never bought a new project until I was done the old one. But somehow, I lost the discipline with quilting and have unfinished projects filling up my space! My problem is that I love going into quilt stores, and once I'm in there - well it would be rude to leave without buying something.

  2. I have been where you are at, so I understand. What I have found that works for me is choosing a project that I know that I can complete in a short amount of time. It could be just making a quick project or a block that I needed to complete for a BOM group that had finished up the year before. It gives me a sense of accomplishment and from there I feel I can go on to other things.

    In your case, what about your little girl's quilt? Could you get that completed in a couple weeks to a month?

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