Thursday, April 30, 2015


I know that this never happens to you...but I have had to re-piece my blocks several times today. It is like my brain is not functioning in a way that lets me see the directions my blocks need to be. I think this is showing me that I really need to do something that doesn't require me to pay a lot of attention.

Work is insane right now...and I have a do three things at a seam. LOL. It means that I can't actually pay that much attention to what I am doing. LOL.

OK. Just a little mini rant.


  1. Been there done that! I was working on a block not too long ago where I kept sewing this one piece with the Wrong side up! I did it THREE times. I finally put it away, turned the machine off, picked up some handwork and sat down to some mindless TV.

    1. Exactly! I redid the same block FOUR times last night.