Thursday, June 18, 2015

My Birthday!

I treated myself to fabric at JoAnn's today in a blazing fast trip. I only needed 1.5 yards of of course I bought 6 yards! LOL.

I am going to be pausing my work on all quilts...(yes...the basted quilts have STAYED basted and not quilted.)

I gave away the table runner to our girl scout troop leader and doer of everything. Just in case you were wondering.

ANYWAY....I am going to be making bags for our car trip across the country. You see, long trips are only successful if my bears have LOTS and LOTS of snacks to nosh while we drive.

So I need HUGE bags to store all of the snacks that they will eat while we drive for 3 days straight.

Therefore - I am going to use this tutorial to make the BIG bags.

AND....My goodness....Craftsy is having an awesome sale! I couldn't resist buying lots and lots of thread and some fun fabrics. I hope that I can knock out some baby quilts soon.

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