Saturday, September 5, 2015

Small distraction from quilt tops and basting...

I am currently working on small projects to give my daughters something pretty to bring to school.
I have made them pencil pouches using a very simple pattern that was very clearly presented with images. I used this pattern: 

Here is how they came out:

Vanilla bear chose the zigzag fabric and already has it full of school supplies.

My pumpkin bear loves the flowers and the orange inside. She is saving it to put in her desk at school.

I then started making them composition book covers, because it seemed fun. Also - I have a TON of fabric that they have picked out and I wanted to start using some. You know what it is like - you go to the fabric store with your little bears and suddenly they find 20 things that they love. I occasionally bow to the pressure and buy something cute for them. It usually ends up in my stash - unused and unloved. So...I decided to use it. I am using this pattern

So- this was my first attempt.

 I didn't pay enough attention to the measurements. I thought it would be okay...but it is about 1/2 an inch to small on both sides. Vanilla still loves it. 

We solved the problem of it being too small by cutting the cardboard of the composition book. The pages stick out a half an inch, but she thinks it is awesome.

This is attempt number 2 - where I paid close attention to the size in the pattern. Hopefully, it will fit better. Vanilla gets this one too, as the other bears don't really have composition books that I can cover. Their composition books are all color-coordinated for their teachers. 

Something I learned - Between the backing, and the pockets for the inside, this takes about 2 fat case you were wondering. There is some left over, but I would definitely use two.

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