Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Podcast problems

Well....I have reached my podcast bandwidth limt this month. Wow! I love that people are listening, but it means that I can't upload as many podcasts. :( It looks like I can only do two podcasts a month, instead of four. Perhaps I will upgrade my account.

Super bummer.

So much to say about my new sewing machine. And Pumpkin's quilt....the cutting continues. More and more....cutting. Gave myself a blister on my finger from the cutting.

Pictures to come...


  1. 6-5-11
    I hope everything is okay... but I am dying to find out how you like your new sewing machine? I have been looking for a podcast ... no one seems to be talking this weekend...I have been sewing and today my daughter and I are putting in tomato plants. Zone 5 gardening is NOW.


  2. Katie, when I did mine, the cutting was the worst part. I learned to cut as I went along, just not where I was going to attach new squares.