Sunday, November 20, 2011

Need your help!

How do I fix this? I really don't like the two whit next to each other! Help!


  1. Have you tried re-arranging the rows? Sometimes if you just swap 2 (or 3 or more) you can get a more pleasing layout.

  2. Is the pattern DISAPPEARING NINE PATCH?

    I always put my small blocks kiddy corner from each other…especially when they are the same color…. I think it gives the eyes somewhere to rest. I am assuming you have not sewn the blocks together. Flip the blocks around so they are oriented the same way and see if you like that better. I would not put the large beige blocks against each other. The placement as shown on you design wall seems disjointed making the eyes jump around.

    If you want to downplay the look of the white because you feel they are to stark you might try doing applique in the white blocks…. Fussy cut floral fabrics and sew around the edges.. Either straight stitch or zig- zag or button hole… but it would be a lot more work. I have added links that might explain the process better. ( THE APPLIQUE DOES NOT HAVE TO BE ON EVERY SET OF BLOCKS, JUST A FEW SCATTERED OVER THE QUILT. )

    Google : Broidery perse

    You can also add FRENCH ROSES motifs. I will try to explain but it is kind of hard… if you want to know more let me know and I will do a mock up of pictures to give you an idea.

    Cut out three jagged / circular motifs…. Each patch smaller then the other…
    Sew a running stitch around the center and pull so it gathers a little … I leave my basting in place.
    Pin the layers biggest on the bottom then the medium and then the smallest …. then sew a small circle in the center anchoring them all down. This will give a three D effect.

    Hope this helps…


  3. WOW. Thank you, ladies! I really appreciate your help. You gave me just the right nudges. I think it is looking better already!