Wednesday, November 9, 2011

New project for the Freezing Morning Car!

I am looking at making a quick quilt on the for the car. It has been in the 30's in this morning and the Car has been freezing. So I am looking to make a quilt and I figure that I can use my Clearance Fabric that I got a Joann's and I want to practice the block I want to use for my husband's quilt. Here is the clearance fabric:

I want to make a "Jelly Star Quilt" for my hubbie - so I am going to practice. Here is the YouTube Video for that from Missouri Star Quilt Company:

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  1. Love these prints you've chosen.

    I need you to pop over to my blog, You are the winner of my give-away, but I can't find your email address anywhere, and I have something to send you :-) Email me!