Tuesday, November 13, 2012


For me...life tends to come in fits and starts. I am not sure about you, but my ability to be creative and to do things for myself is limited by the needs of the various others in my life. I am the one who puts her needs last, so that I can care for the ones that I love.

And I am good with that...for the most part.

I went months without quilting because we were moving and the kids needed my help. And I was cool with that because there just weren't enough days in the week for me to quilt.

I gave up the podcast when I just couldn't find the time and I couldn't find a way to actually DO the recording. I recorded 4 episodes and couldn't get them off the recording device, so that I could upload them. *sigh*

But.....this weekend....the hubbie tells me that I need to go on a retreat. I need to go on a quilting adventure and get away from the kids.

And what is the first thing that I do? Give 30 different reasons why this is impossible. LOL. Instead of saying...I completely agree. Obviously, I have a problem. Hehehe.

Then, I get the email for the Lancaster Quilt Show. I get excited. I forward the email over to the hubbie. I say...I WANT TO GO HERE!

The phone rings.

"Hello Honey. You can't go to this. You have to be home to get the kids on the bus for school. You have to work. I don't want you to use vacation time! I want you to save it for later. I know I SAID that you should do a quilt retreat...but you just can't do this one. Maybe sometime in the future."

POP. There goes my happy joy joy bubble.

I want my creative side to have an outlet...and at this point, that means that I am home....listening to podcasts and daydreaming about being able to take a class at a quilt shop...while I teach myself to quilt. *sigh*

Thanks for listening to the rant!


  1. I can sympathize. I started a podcast too, and health problems have taken over for the time being and I just don't have the energy to record/edit/post. I hope to get back to it soon! But, as a mom of older kids, I would say you have to find some time for yourself. My kids are teenagers now, and I find myself wondering what to do with my time. They have their own plans at this point, and somewhere along the way, I sorta lost ME.
    I know this retreat won't work out for you, but hopefully soon you can find some time for you. Because you deserve it, and you'll be a better YOU once you can recharge a bit. Probably, everyone tells you this, but there is some truth to it, lol

    1. Daisy -
      I am so sorry that your health has been knocking you down. It is so challenging.

      I do know that I need to have a retreat and get away. It is emotionally draining to be the grown-up all the time. I will make it to that retreat....with my three kids if I have to! LOL.