Sunday, August 30, 2015

More things that I am working on...

I have started working on a dot to dot quilt for my best friend.
This is an old tutorial that Missouri Star sent out into the world. I got the fabric right after I saw the 2010. Doh. FINALLY doing the quilt.

How to Make a Circle Quilt from MissouriQuiltCo on Vimeo.

Instead of a honey bun, I used a jelly roll.
On my way to trimming them down to 10 by 10. I had my daughter help, which lead to a few being a little short.

This is the plan. I have 4 circles cut...32 to go. Wondering if the 7 inch circle is a little too big.

I am also doing ANOTHER jelly roll race quilt, for a new baby in the family. I will upload pics soon. I also have this adorable panel with owls (pictures to come) that I will be putting together for ANOTHER baby in the family.

Honestly - I am doing a lot of piecing and loving it.

So - the goal is that I have everything cut on the weekend. Then, I can piece over the week while I work. I found that I can't cut while I am working. I need to have all the pieces ready to go, so that I can just piece. If I do, then I get SO much done! It is like making a meal for dinner and freezing it from the week. LOL. Gotta get everything planned, and then I can sew while I do my job.

Sewing is becoming my therapy. I LOVE getting things finished. It brings a huge feeling of job and accomplishment.

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