Tuesday, August 11, 2015

So much quilting...

Hello again!

So....my life is crazy, which, of course, means that I am sewing a lot. I might be the only one, but when my life falls apart...I just want to piece quilt after quilt.

I decided that my list of UFO's didn't matter. I wanted to make something new and special.

So I did.

My good friend has two little boys and one of them is obsessed with cars. So I made him a quilt with cars and trucks. Then, I did a jelly roll quilt with sailboat fabric. I think the line is called "Daysail."

Quilt top came together very nicely. I was really happy with my points on this one!

Here is my jelly roll race quilt. I pulled out all of the flowers, because it is for a little boy. I like the strips. They give so much movement. But it is missing something....

I decided that it needs some applique. It is my first time putting applique on a quilt. 

I added two actual sailboats to the quilt. However...I wanted to add more. I am working on 4 more sailboard. :)

I LOVE APPLIQUE! I didn't realize how much fun it was. I will post pictures of my finished top.

Hope that you are having a great day!


  1. Love the sailboats! They are exactly what is needed on that quilt. I bet you're having fun making "boy" stuff for a change.

    1. Colleen,
      I agree! Making boy stuff is so DIFFERENT! No pink allowed! LOL.
      I love the sailboats too! It was so much fun!