Wednesday, August 26, 2015

My mom's quilt

I had a great time making the top for my mom's quilt. It is the X's and O's quilt. It is not perfect, but it was very quick. I was using a pack of six charm packs. I had a TON of charms left when I made this, and I added a 20 squares to the pattern (5 blocks). So, I decided to use it as the border.

This set of charms had a lot of lights in it, so I used that for the centers.  What do you think?
The individual block

The finished top. Please note that there are two charms that match next to each other on the border. This was intentional. I appliqued hearts onto it, and I am going to have my bears write their names on the hearts. Sort of a signature filled with granddaughter love.

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