Friday, March 18, 2011


I am currently sitting in the cell phone waiting lot...eager for the Hubbie to land at Seatac. It has been a long week. All three of my baby bears were sick after the Hubbie flew away. Frantic doctor visits and fever meds...fluids and pajamas. My poor sweeties. Now I am ready for the help of my partner.

I've decided to call the kids by nicknames on the blog and they helped me to pick their own names. So...we have Vanilla (age 5), Pumpkin pie (age 4), and Banana (18 months). They loved the food names.

Now on to quilting...
I am SO excited! My fabric arrived. I bought a ton of fabric for so many dofferbet quilts. I swear, buying fabric is addicting!! I absolutely adore the Missouri Star Quilt Company. They have such great fabric (for me...addicted to precuts). I love the tutorials and they have helped me so much. I designed the quilt for Vanilla and put it together. I think it is beautiful. I am lucky that she has great color tastes.

I will post pictures of the different fabric that I bought. I am so excited, but now I am unsure where I wanted to go. I really should start writing my ideas for certain fabrics down as I buy them. I have the backing fabric and I have no idea what quilt I ordered it for. I swear...I have the memory of Dori sometimes.
I am off to play with the different fabrics now! Talk to you soon with pictures! Tehehehe!

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