Monday, March 21, 2011


I got so much done on my disappearing nine patch quilt blocks last night. I turned off the TV and tuned in to the latest podcast from Sew-Stitch-Create. Just listening to someone else talk about quilting and creating Projects helped me to focus on my own project. It was amazing.

So...I did the math and realized that I needed two more nine blocks or 8 more cut blocks to make the quilt the length that I wanted. The only problem is that I needed 18 charms and I lost my left over fabric from my mom's quilt. So that meant I had only 17 charms. A problem. However, at the quilt show I bought a bunch of scraps and I just happened to have one that was the same red as my dad's quilt. So I cut a 5 by 5 square and whew! It worked!!

Problem solved. Now, I should be able to make the quilt 7 blocks by 9 blocks. Almost all 64 are complete! Woohoo! to taking the pumpkin to

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