Tuesday, March 29, 2011

New Books! Woohoo!

I love the projects in these books. I am so excited!

I really want to do a star quilt. I think that my husband would really like a star quilt. I love precuts because I am afraid of cutting. I know that is silly, but I always seem to make horrible mistakes when I am cutting. The ruler slips or my wrist wabbles and I cut it wrong. So, I am drawn to precuts. These quilts don't look like they are made with jelly rolls or charm packs. They look AMAZING. I am going to read them and do a review of these books for my next podcast.


  1. Another OLDER book that uses 2-1/2 strips is STILL STRIPPING BY ELENOR BURNS FROM QUILT IN A DAY.... and no you can not make a quilt in a day regardless of what dear Eleanor says.

    The patterns work great with 2-1/2 inch strips. She also has DVDs avialble to show you how to make the quilt blocks. Consider renting/ borrowing from a library / buying DVDs on quilting.

    Eleanor series run cheap for what you get


    I learned to quilt and had some great success making some of Elenor's quilts. The quilts are traditional patterns but they would look great in contemporary fabrics. Just follow along with her on the DVD and in her books.

    Yes sometime her voice can be syruppy annoying but she really is a good teacher. DVDs are so patient when we rewind.


  2. http://www.quiltinaday.com/shoponline/dvds_display.asp?dvd=Strip_Tzz_Block_Party_2010_DVD_Series&i=27235&page=

    O Wow .... I do not have this one... you can buy the individule DVDs for $5... these quilts are made with your favorite jelly rolls and pre cuts.... so you will probalby like them alot.... Watching Eleanor make them will make it easier on you to learn.

    Your hubby is going to shoot me ... cause I am advising you to spend money....

  3. LOL, Nonnie! I love this! Thank you.

    I will go check out the site as soon as possible. My hubbie just said the coolest thing. I don't bother him when he buys computer games, so he won't bother me too much when I buy quilting stuff. (Within reason, of course...muhahahaha.)

    I am not letting myself buy too much fabric right now, because I have enough for a LONG time. Just the precuts alone...not to mention the three different kits that I have. Fabric is SO addictive. But these DVD's sound awesome!

    Thanks so much for the heads up on that!