Monday, October 29, 2012

I did it!


 This pattern asked for SO much cutting. I fretted. I planned. I hemmed. And then, I just did it.
This is just HALF of what I needed to cut! I made some mistakes...but it was fine!
Nothing that I can't fix!
I am a little worried because of the number of triangles I am going to be working with. And there are some seriously strange directions. My little Pumpkin LOVES the pumpkin fabric.
And here is my beginning to the candy corn block! Loving the colors together!
I have ironed my different candy corn pieces in half, so that I have line them up. I have them ready to chain piece. (Sorry about my silly pajama pants in the picture.)
Now....back to the sewing! More pictures to come when I have completed a bit more!

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