Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Slowly getting back in the game....

Since I am pretty sure that my sister doesn't actually read my blog, I am going to talk about the gift I will be giving her. That is....if I get it done by then.

I am making her a table runner. It is one of those free patterns that came in one of my magazines. The table runner is for Halloween and Christmas. One side has cute candy corn. The other side has Christmas trees.

I decided that I was going yardage. I kept hearing Nonnie in my head telling me how much less expensive it is to use yardage. So....I am stepping away from my precuts and embracing cutting my own material. Nervous...but it is just fabric. I can always buy more if I need it.

I spent my Sunday night ironing all of my fabric. is ready for me to cut.  Okay....hoping for time to actually piece and put this together soon.

Podcast....I am researching a way to record the podcast on my iPhone that will actually work. I have actually recording 3 episodes that were eaten by my phone. Sigh. Once I get a good mic....I will get started recording again.

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