Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Weekend? What Weekend?

I swear this weekend flew by and no quilting got done.

Have you ever had a weekend were the chores took over, and all of the fun things were set aside?

That was this weekend. *Sigh*

Good news - I have the caterpillar quilt basted now too.

All I need is time. And to overcome my fear of dropping my feed-dogs.

I mean - what is the worst thing that can happen? I have to pick stitches? I have done that before. Why I am filled with this fear that my quilting is going to ruin the quilt? It is irrational, but it has a stranglehold on my productivity.

Hope that you had a wonderful and productive weekend!


  1. I've had many a UFO languish because of my fear of dropping the feed dogs! So I'll be sending you brave and courageous thoughts!

    1. Thanks, Sandy!
      It is such an irrational fear! I mean, the worst thing that I will have to do is pick out some stitches if I mess up. But I am literally incapable of putting the quilt under the needle right now.

      I will overcome. I appreciate that positive thoughts! Fears are meant to be conquered!

  2. I've been having months like that... I can't even remember the last time I touched my sewing machine, let alone sew!