Thursday, May 7, 2015

Ugly Quilt....or Bento Brown?

Well - I am overwhelmed at work with a million things to do, so of course I pushed through to finish this quilt top. Work hard for 20 for two minutes. LOL. And repeat. 

I finished the Ugly Quilt...which ShariK likes....So I will rename it. How about the "Bento Brown"?

I happened upon a piece of batting that is ALMOST a perfect size for this quilt. I will be adding a few inches onto the batting, and I found a large piece of green owl fabric to put on the back. It is a soft flannel, and I think the kids will enjoy the softness when the snuggle down. doesn't match the front of the quilt at all. You can KIND of see it in the picture on the side of the first picture.

I think I will be attempting to free motion quilt on this piece. I will be going for the large meander. Gulp. 
It is my first time dropping the feed-dogs. 
Okay...back to work! 

An overall shot of the finished Ugly top and apparently kiddo socks. :) If you look at the side, you will see the little owls that will be the backing fabric for this quilt. Doesn't match...but I really don't care. It is soft flannel. And I already own it. LOL

A close-up of the Ugly Quilt


  1. It is good to think of the quilt with a good name. I find the quilt with the solid brown and the prints makes for a pleasant looking quilt. I think you will like the quilt once it is all quilted and you think of it with its new name when you look at it. You are making great progress.

  2. I love the way it looks Kate! You should really skip calling it ugly!