Monday, April 18, 2011

Addicted to Color

I just realized today that when I went to the fabric store yesterday, I was drawn to the brightest and boldest colors I could find. I wanted colors that POPPED when I looked at them. I wanted this because I wanted to put them on a quilt with a black background. I don't mean neon or some of those strange prints that I never understand. I mean Color! I feel like so many of the fabrics I am seeing are muted. I want Zing! Not gaudy...but bright. I want Spring with none of the pastels. Oh....if  I were a fabric designer, I would go up to Skagit County - to the Tulip Festival....and I would take pictures of all of those colors. That would be my line. Tulips in Spring.


  1. Color is fun especially the saturated colors...I love brights and am drawn to the tone on tone, blenders, solid / mottled colors too.

    When I first started quilting I started quilts with Civil WAr / Reproduction fabrics / florals ... but I rarely finished the projects. Why you asked because that was what the LQS carried. I think quilters are trapped by what the local shops carry. Yes you can order on line but that is like buying a pig in a poke... YOu do not know what you are getting until it arrives.

    It was not until I started traveling away from my regular quilt shop that I found colors I liked. I have not bought any fabrics from the LQS unless it fit my criteria of bright / saturated colors in the past year. I also switched to only small amounts because I do a lot of scrappy style quilts full of color but each color family of multiple patterns/ scale / fabrics.

  2. I was getting tired of some of my fabrics that I have had for a long time and not used. So I came up with the idea of using them in color families. I put all my green fabrics together in a Bear's Paw quilt and the combination of the greens made them all look exciting again. I used a white on white background to really make them pop. I never dreamed that when I started collecting my stash that I would tire of some of it, but the color family thing really works.