Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Growing stash...

My trip to Joann's gave me a chance to buy Rag Quilt nippers. Hehehhe. Yes, I was there for my Vanilla, for a school project, but the nippers were right there. As if I need an excuse!
My stash has now outgrown my treasure chest. Oh no! Hence, the fabric diet. (Of course, I have a few more items that are still in the mail that I bought BEFORE the diet began. LOL)
This is all I have left to do on Pumpkin's Rag quilt. Whew.

Thank you so much for all of the comments that I have gotten on my rag quilt. Nonnie pointed out that my fabric might be the issue that I am having. She is so helpful. Here is what she sent me that really bolstered my spirits:
"It sounds like two things are happening with your blocks.... 1/  Flannel is a loose woven fabric that stretches despite pinning when you sew.
 2/  THE feed dogs are moving against the fabric as you sew while the presser foot keeps the fabric anchored down... two opposing forces and your poor fabric caught in the middle between the machinery.   If you only get 1/8th inch shift YOU ARE DOING GOOD.  When you rag the edges everything will work out and you will not find the discrepancy.    I only made one RAG QUILT... because frankly I think they are harder to do than traditional quilting.   The fabric is the problem I bet you do not have a problem when you work with regular woven patches.

SO true! I don't really have this problem with other pieces, which is why I was so frustrated. I couldn't figure out the issue, and this really put things in perspective for me. Thank you, Nonnie! You really made this a lot more fun. I appreciate that you have given me my perspective back.

Now, the only thing I really need now is time. Being sick has cut into my quilting time.

OH....and I have been dubbed a Quilter by Sandy at "Quilting....for the Rest of Us." Thank you so much! Love that podcast. She is so positive and has such a great voice! 


  1. I had a note in my podcast rundown to mention your new podcast and completely skipped over it! You will be included in my 13th episode. Lucky 13!

    I've heard that if you are doing rag quilts you practically have to get the rag quilt scissors, especially if you are using blue jeans in any form in them. Never having made one I have no idea how difficult it is without them but I can only imagine. I hope your new nippers make your life much easier!

    I'm quite jealous of your pre-cuts....

  2. Thanks, Katie!
    I keep meaning to mention you in my podcast too! I was so sick last time,I barely know what I was talking about. LOL. I felt like a big whiner. :)

    I think my podcast this week is going to have a huge section on the podcasts that I listen to yours. You make me wish I still had a dog. :)

    The precuts....well....I mostly got them because I was afraid of cutting. Now, I have quite the collection and I really need to start using it.

    I really wanted the 210 blocks to cut...four sides....with a border...all of which need to be cut in 1/2 inch intervals. LOL. I was afraid my hand would fall off.

    Thanks for the well wishes!