Sunday, April 10, 2011

My latest Podcast...with all my strange ideas

So many things to talk about today....
Finished Vanilla's quilt today...well, the quilting part anyway. I did a  four inch square using my walking foot. It looks okay. Mostly, I am just happy that it is quilted. Here are some pictures of the process.
This is how I set my work up to Stitch in the Ditch, even though my blocks were not exactly perfectly aligned.

My quilting squares - from the back.

Sewing with Vanilla. She was so excited. It is amazing to do this with her. It makes me want to get her a child's sewing machine. I think that she would be careful and really love it.

This is my sewing table...and cutting table...and overall craft space. It is currently taking up a ton of space in the living room.  I am wondering if I could do a design wall in my dining room. Hehehehe

I mentioned in a previous post - I have a treasure chest where I store my stash. Here it stash. LOL. I still feel like the word stash means something that should be hidden - like a secret vice. I love it.

In my podcast, I refer to the Jitterbug quilt pattern. This is the quilt I am talking about. I think it is really cool.

Hehehhe. Second row together. It is just such a JOY to work with her!

These are the images that I refer to in my podcast. I had a dream that I made a quilt like this - only it was a bear. And all of the inner artistry was done with applique. I hope that I will eventually become skilled enough to do a quilt like this. I think that it would be awesome!

Another example of the type of artwork in my dream.
So many images. This podcast is filled with ideas and questions.
One big question: What is a block swap? How does it work? Do people actually get them done on time?
I would love to know!
Have a wonderful day!


  1. Haven't had a chance to listen yet (on the plans for today - since I am actually 2 episodes behind) are a link to clarify block swap...

    The thing to remember is to read all the information before signing up. Each swap is different!!! so read, read, read. Also, make sure the timing fits in your schedule.

    And yes people usually get them done but everyone knows life gets in the way. The key here is to keep everyone informed - the moderator and your partner(s). I encourage you to try it even only for the sake of saying I love it or Not for me. You need to know.

    I am old is your daughter? I started my daughter on my sewing machine. It seems silly to buy her a child' machine when she would outgrow it so quickly. If your machine is set up properly she can use it. For example, put the pedal on a box so that she can reach it. And watch her. Other than that, Let her be creative in her own way! I used to always say things like "are you sure you want that green and orange together" and one day my wonderful husband said, "who's quilt is that?" I had an Ah-Ha moment and backed off.

    Ok I have rambled long enough. I have podcasts to catch up on.

    Nonnie's Quilting Dreams- Podcast

    Nonnie's Quilting Dreams - Blog '

  3. Post pictures of your CHICKidee fabric ... then you can get ideas from the listeners.

    When you quilt it consider making a chicken wire grid... Using painters tape to keep your lines straight. Basically ... you put a strip of painters tape then you sew next to the tape (NOT THROUGH) and let it guide you. You can be symmetrical or assymetrical.... ie evenly spaced or spaced unevenly... on the diagonal or from side to side and up and down. It will open up new styles for you.

    FYI... stitching in the ditch is NOT EASY and is actually considered a more advance skill. ... There are special machine feets with a guild in the center to keep you in the ditch... so if you are getting better without the center guide... YOU ARE DOING GOOD.

    More later... If you want more information.

    You might want to conider a framed four patch ... that would show off your fabric for your daughter... easy piecing.

    CONSIDER A BARGELLO quilt ... it is easy and you quilt as you go... straight lines are easy.... and fun... WORKS WITH JELLY ROLLS BUT YOU DO HAVE TO CUT FABRIC.

    THIS WAS A FUN QUILT... I am in the process of making a second one of left over strips. I used 2-1/2 inch strip cause I had left over jellies.
    I bet you can find some you tube videos OR at the MISSOURI QUILTER.




  4. For some reason I have to go to my desktop computer to post on your blog. I keep getting blocked when I try to use the lap top... the blogger security control does not come up ... maybe it is because I was using INTERNET EXPLORE instead of foxfire.

    Keep up the great work... LOVE LOVE LOVE your podcast...

    As for the closeness as long as you quilt within the requirement of the batting it is okay.

    I plan to post some pictures of a new project where I plan to show some Mary Matsuta quilting techniques I will send you the link when I get that far. I will explain right now this is an experiment I have an idea for and I am not sure how it will work toward the finished project, but the quilting techniques might be fun for you.

    Just so you know I make multiple post of the same reason you start and stop in your podcast .... LIFE AND KIDS GET IN THE WAY... MY grandson pushes the off button whenever he wants my attention. So you might get funky comments from me ... I post in the mornings...

  5. GUESS WHAT? YOU ARE FAMOUS... YOU JUST POPPED UP IN MY GOOGLE ALERT ! I plugged in quilting podcast and your link showed up!!!




    As promised I posted pictures of MARY MASHUTO'S FOOL PROOF MACHINE QUILTING.

    I am doing this technique on charms, usually you do it on a regular size quilt. I plan to assemble the charms into a top and then machine quilt down the sashing, probably using one of Mary's patterns. She has some great border tehcinques. If you can sew a straigh line you can sew this technique.

    Happy Quilting... Nonnie
    Nonnie's Quilting Dreams- Podcast

    Nonnie's Quilting Dreams - Blog

  7. Wow! Such awesome comments!

    Quilter in the Gap - I love the site you sent me to. It was so informative. I really think that I will try a swap, but probably not for a few months. I have so many things that I have to do before I can focus on that. :)

    My daughter is 5 years old. I know that I should just use my machine. However, I also know my daughter. She will want to quilt or sew mostly when she sees me doing it. That is why I was thinking of picking up the kids machine, so that we could sew at the same time. It is only $20 and I have three girls, so it would definately be passed down. :)

    Nonnie - You have the most amazing quilts posted. I love looking at them! I will post a picture of the Chickadee fabric that my Pumpkin selected.

    I took my girls to see Hop and they loved it. Named every bunny toy in the house EB. LOL.

    You have great suggestions, Nonnie. I am so glad that you like my podcast. It is so much fun!

    You have inspired me....I will write about it my next post.