Monday, April 4, 2011


My podcast was mentioned in the Off-Kilter Quilt podcast. Made me smile! I love her quiting diaries. They are so fun! I really want to take that format and integrate it into my podcast.

My sister listened to the podcast and gave me some honest feedback, which I love. She pointed out that I repeat myself, and that is something that I do need to work on.

Vanilla Bear is star of the week at school, so I dashed off today to meet her class. She had to introduce me, and let me tell you....having my baby bear call me Katie was strange. LOL. I love how sweet and curious all those little folks are! Banana baby walked right over and sat down between three 6 year-olds, like she belonged. It was adorable!

I will OVERCOME my quilting challenges this week. I will quilt Vanilla's quilt - even in ugly lines. Hehehehe.

Random thought...wishing my quilting table was downstairs...but it is better upstairs. I know this, but I really like to watch TV while I quilt.


  1. Oh my I cannot quilt and watch TV I make enormous mistakes when I try that!

  2. Heheheh! I do too, but I like noise. I need that...stimulation. Oddly, it helps me to focus. LOL.

  3. Guess it's like high school....didn't we used to have the radio on while doing homework?

  4. Exactly! I listen to podcasts, too, while quilting. It is exactly like the radio while doing homework. Man...I just realized that I miss doing homework. LOL. I guess I am going to learn quilting now, instead of math or history. But I miss them. LOL.