Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Inspired by Nonnie....to CUT

I went to the fabric store yesterday. My hubbie had ALL of the kids and I got to be FREE to be a normal person, not just a mom.

Well, I was thinking about Nonnie and her suggestions for cutting. So, I embraced it. I found a flannel back in yellow (pictures to come) and light yellow for the borders, and decided to go for it. Pumpkin's fabric is in charm form. Pumpkin LOVES the Missouri Star tutorial on rag quilting.


So, I decided that I would make Pumpkin's quilt into a rag quilt. I will be cutting the flannel into 5 inch squares. It will make a small lap quilt, but I think that she will love it. I really like the fact that I will be having to practice my rotary cutting...and if it isn't perfect, it is okay because the fringe is going to be trimmed. LOL. I am also going to be adding a 41/2 inch square of batting in between my layers. Not a hard quilt, but I think it will help to teach me new skills.

I am excited!

Chickadee fabric - Charm squares

The flannel backing that I bought for the rag quilts

More examples of Chickadee

All the fabric for the rag quilt


  1. I wanted to offer something to you. If you need help, I would be glad to help via Skype. the only problem I foresee is that I am not a late night person. We would have to do in the evening or at night but I know you are usually sewing at like 1 am. I am sorry I am not up that late. BUT I would be able to help you. Maybe offer advice about where your hands are and such. Just something to think about. I am more than willing to help. I used to teach beginning quilting before I moved. Oh and just so know your kids will not bother me at all.

  2. Oh! That sounds fabulous!!! I would love to meet up!

  3. Hey! I just listened to your first podcast. Ok, so I'm a little behind...but wanted to welcome you to the world of quilting! It was so fun to hear your excitement!
    I'm here in the Puget Sound area as well...and it's so fun to hear a podcast from Seattle! I was thinking we could get together but...I'm way down south in Pierce County. Dang. Just keep up the good work. Love the podcast so far!

  4. I love rag quilts. I've made several. I am just finishing up another one, this one for grandbaby#4 who is due in November!!!! I have always used batting sandwiched between the flannel but this time I used flannel as the middle layer. I like it. Not quite so heavy and you don't have to stitch each square. Love the way it's turning out!